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One Kiosk,
Many Uses

Presenting an Industry leading Self-Service 'VR Kiosk' - while an idea that has been around for a while, Kiosk4VR has developed tools for faster project delivery, speedy implementation, and greater ROI with multiple games to choose from.

Delivered to your door


Earn you money without staff assistance

Built end-to-end for a customer 


  • Chosen content, Read more  FAQ pages

  • 1 Kiosk Frame Weight: 100-130kg

  • 2 or more units could be attached to each other to create square or double player unit etc.

  •  Power: 50W per kiosk

  •  Dimensions:  220cm High 113cm width 40cm depth 

  •  Hardware: NVIDIA RTX series + Gaming Computer

  •  Headset: HTC VIVE PRO 3 + anti thief wiring cable

  •  Controllers: 2 x Vive Controller

  •  Controllers wiring: Heavy industry duty cable ( used in Robotic installations).

  • 3D printed cable attachments parts, to avoid cable and controller joint breaking,

  •  Monitor: 65' inch UHD

  •  Lights: Interactive RGB

  •  QR Code reader / Nayax cashless payment

  •  Integration to 3rd payment systems possible

  •  No need for operator PC or tablet, operated by QR code tickets or Cashless payment systems. 

  •  Remote support an s spare part service.

  •  Wifi option if Lan connection available

  • Cloud management platform for update games and track usage 

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