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Product Specification

  • Frame Weight: 150kg 

  • 2 or more units could be attached to each other to create square or double player unit etc.

  •  Power: 50W

  •  Dimensions:  220cm High 113cm width 40cm depth 

  •  Hardware: NVIDIA RTX series + Gaming Computer

  •  Headset: HTC VIVE PRO 3 + anti thief wiring cable

  •  Controllers: 2 x Vive Controller

  •  Controllers wiring: Heavy industry duty cable ( used in Robotic installations).

  • 3D printed cable attachments parts, to avoid cable and controller joint breaking,

  •  Monitor: 65' inch UHD

  •  Lights: Interactive RGB

  •  QR Code reader / Nayax cashless payment

  •  Integration to 3rd payment systems possible

  •  No need for operator PC or tablet, operated by QR code tickets or Cashless payment systems. 

  •  Remote support an s spare part service. North America onsite maintenance and 24/7 support.

  •  Wifi option if Lan connection available

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