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As virtual reality entrepreneurs, we knew exactly what we needed to make our business flourish, but couldn't find the right tools to make it happen so we did decide to build our own.

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About us

Kiosk4VR is an kiosk manufacturer specializing in delivering Virtual reality interactive kiosk software and hardware solutions. Our in-house team of engineers are experts with close to 10 years of experience solving problems with Virtual Reality hardware and Offering VR experiences for hundreds thousands of people in Pikseli Virtual Reality Arcade.

We have delivered custom interactive kiosk software and hardware solutions for Cruise lines and amusement parks. With extensive experience creating end-to-end VR kiosk solutions, we are the partner you need to get the job done. Our team is gathered from world leading ICT, Retail and entertainment professionals from companies like Rovio, Fujitsu, H&M, Kesko.

Kiosk4VR is not only hardware and content. Kiosk4VR it is managed from cloud and offers the flexibility that other manufacturers does not have. Update all your kiosks over the air with new content or change the screen content in few clicks.

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