Virtual reality Entertainment machine

European quality - Designed and manufactured in Europe, managed from  our own cloud based SaaS

Self Service VR Solution designed for public spaces. Grow your revenue with Thrilling fun Virtual Reality Attraction. 

Dozens of content and unmatched flexibility. 


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 Member of IAAPA

Self Service Virtual Reality Kiosk for any VR content

Kiosk4VR is a sleek, modern entertainment machine, designed to delight a whole new generation of VR fans. Professional grade VR equipment's for entertainment use. High quality garanteed.

All in one packet,VR machine as service

Kiosk4VR is delivered as one packet with all necessary hardware  and games included. Kiosk is delivered with full remote support. Hassle free solution on any entertainment venue. Tested in real life with thousands of users.




Silja Line is one of the biggest Ferry company in Nordics

"VR kiosks boost a new entertainment line for teenagers and families"


Särkänniemi amusement park is noe of the largesr in Nordics

"Särkänniemi amusement park sees how VRkiosks draw families to enjoy new entertainment experience"


Finnkino is the largest movie theater chain in nordics

"Over 7000 movie visitors has experienced VR kiosks in one month. The future of film is here"

Lot of content to choose from

Most of us are still newbies, games must be easy to adapt and play. On the other hand Virtual reality fans needs to be satisfied with more difficult games.  Our team help you to choose right content on your Kiosks. Kiosk could have multiple games. Games could be also updated whenever you need.


Everything from retro to modern AAA gaming, there something here for every gamer. Cloud4VR platform enables you to choose wide variety of VR games from our library for you Kiosk.

More games more fun

Kiosk4VR is loaded with great games, including Steam VR commercial game library and Cloud4VR game library. If you have own content no worries you can use it also.

Easy to pay and use


Access to Kiosk4VR games are allowed by QR codes. Qr codes could be purchased by paper tickets from your ticket sales desk or from online store with mobile phone. Content, QR codes and game time are managed from cloud and therefore tailored for you business needs.

Game time and chosen games can be tailored for your business model. 

User show ticket to Kiosk wear headset and start to play ! Simple as that.


Kiosk4VR is part of the Cloud4VR company